While Digital Marketing seems easy, in reality, it is hard. It is a combination of sales, advertising and marketing. The career in Digital Marketing can take you to new heights and enable you to reach board rooms as Chief Marketing Officer.

This program will enable you to learn all about digital marketing and building public relations which are essential to any organization. Along with program, you’ll be able to get a job using Careerplot dedicated placement assistance. You’ll be able to get live online classroom coaching, 1:1 dedicated industry expert coach who’ll mentor you through out the program and enable you to get a job.

Become Digital Marketing Professional in 3 months

Key Features of this program

Industry Readiness Program to help you get a dream job

45+ video tutorials

  80+ hours of assignments

  1 month of Project work
  8 Live Online Classes

  1 Final Exam

  2 Career Consultations
  Job Focused Program

  3 Mock Interviews

  Curated Resume Service

Dedicated Placement Assistance *

Guaranteed Placement for eligible students **


* 60% or above in X/XII/Graduation

* High CareerPlot Score

* Cleared All Mock Interviews

** Please see FAQs for eligibility for guaranteed placements

Win a chance for “Spend a Day with well known CEOs” quarterly program

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Course Description

Industry Readiness Program is defined as the program which enables the candidates to be employable and ready to work in corporate environment in the domain they get selected for. In this case, This program will prepare you well to be able to secure a well qualified and good paying job in the domain of Marketing and PR in any organization.Industry Readiness Program is a concept being promoted by CareerPlot to increase the employability index of India. This program works in three stages:

  • Learn everything about Digital Marketing and PR from Industry Experts
  • Prepare well by working on real life assignments, use cases, MCQ tests, one month project and mock interviews
  • Get your CV / Resume curated by Careerplot Experts and get dedicated placement assistance for suitable job opportunities in organizations across India.

You can join this program anytime by clicking on “Take this course” button at the top of this page and paying the complete course fee in advance. For complete payment options, check our FAQs.

Once the payment is done, you can instantly start learning from the video lectures.

Curriculum for this program has been structured in 12 modules. Each module belongs to a particular topic. Each module contains video lectures, quizzes, technical assignments related to the topics in that module and logical reasoning assignments.

All the modules are not accessible in one go. As you progress in the course, a new module becomes accessible after every 5 days. You can keep on learning from video tutorials and give quiz tests and also submit assignments. All the tests and assignments carry marks and scoring high in these assignments is important to be eligible for dedicated placement assistance by Careerplot.

CareerPlot Industry Coaches will also conduct online live classrooms approximately after every 15 days. In these live online classroom sessions, you’ll be able ask questions and clarify doubts. Also, you’ll be able to learn from different case studies and know more about interview techniques. Your online live classroom schedule will be notified to you one week in advance. In total, there will be 8 live online classroom sessions with each session for 1 hour.

Apart for all this, You’ll also get three mock interviews scheduled with experts to help you practice for interviews. Each expert will give you scores based on your performance in interviews. To be eligible for placement assistance, you need to perform well in interviews. These interviews will be conducted either on telephone or by video calls online.

Meanwhile, you’ll also get 2 career consultations calls with experts to help you decide your career path. Careerplot will schedule them as per program specifications (approximately one call per month).

At the end of the course, you’ll need to appear for one final exam. After the exam, placement assistance will be provided to you by Careerplot placement officers for 3 months after the finish date of the program. Also, Careerplot experts will help curate and design your CV / resume and cover letter for better chances at shortlisting for interviews.

A selected few candidates will also get to spend one day with the CEO of a well known startup. Careerplot will select few candidates every month for this opportunity.

This program consists of one lead coach who is also an industry expert. Apart from the lead coach, you’ll be helped by Careerplot career counsellors and other coaches for mock interviews and your assignment evaluations. All the experts, coaches and assistants in this program are having a sound industry experience in Digital Marketing and PR.

Amit Goel is the lead coach for this program. Amit has 16+ years of experience working in technology space. Amit is the Founder & CEO of CareerPlot. Careerplot is an educational organization working hard to increase the employability index of India.

For Amit’s detailed bio, please click on this link. Amit’s Bio

For Amit’s detailed profile info, Please check his linkedin profile here. https://in.linkedin.com/in/amitreversed

If you are a person who is a graduate looking for a job or a working professional with an experience of less than 5 years thinking to move into marketing domain , you should join this program. This program will provide you hands on learning, all the theoretical and practical aspects required to be a great marketing professional. Also, this program will enable you to get placement assistance from Careerplot to find the right job.

Career Plot partners with a lot of companies to help them find the suitable professionals for the right kind of career they offer.

Whether you are engineering graduate or a person with other graduation background, you can be a great digital marketing professional. Because to be a great digital marketing professional, you need a lot of passion, good communication skills, analytical and creative mind at the same time. And If you think you would like to be the face of the company you work for, you should be a marketing professional and for that, you should join this program.

CareerPlot partners with a lot of companies across India. We are bound by the pledge of increasing the employability index of India. To achieve this, we get the best industry experts and coaches to prepare the relevant courses as per the need of the industry and train every candidate with 1:1 personal attention. We want to make sure that all the courses on Careerplot are relevant, up to date and as per the need of the industry segments.

Careerplot had dedicated placement officers assigned to every student who fulfils the criteria for placement assistance. Every student gets personalized attention from placement officers beginning with resume curation to applying to matching organizations. Also, Careerplot helps you prepare for interviews by conducting mock interviews and regular written tests. The placement assistance is provided for 3 months after the program is finished. In general, any good students will get placed with in 3 months after the program is finished.

We also have a public job board where students can look for a suitable job and apply for it on their own. This facility is available only to Careerplot students after they join the Digital Marketing & PR Program.

Every company in this world has one marketing and one PR department. Marketing & PR is the only way to reach out to consumers in the market. Whether through TV advertisements, print ads or advertisements and campaigns on digital media including social media, Marketing involves a very challenging job to reach out to potential customers and help companies grow their business.

The Career Path of Marketing is great. A marketing professional can reach to greater heights including the senior most management of the organizations. Every company has one Chief Marketing Officer to define the marketing strategy. Even the salaries grow very quickly in this domain as companies cannot afford to survive without marketing and PR.

This program requires to put an effort of approximately 150 hours of work in 3 months. Essentially, if you prepare well and spend about 2.5 hours every day, you can do very well.

This program is currently priced at Rs 6,499/- as an inaugural offer . This price is inclusive of everything including taxes, placement services, consultations, mock interviews, assignments, online live classrooms and video tutorials. This price will be valid for very short time and we plan to increase this price very soon.

The duration of the program is 3 months starting from the day your payment is cleared. After 3 months, the program will get over with one final exam. After the 3 month period is over, a one time 30 day extension may be provided on need basis with prior approval of the coach. You need to score well in all assignments, tests, final exam and mock interviews to be eligible for placements. From the finish date of the program, you’ll be provided placement assistance (if eligible) for next 3 months with a dedicated placement officer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Online Classroom training is the training given in virtual environment. This training is conducted using computers and the coach and students are connected through a software based online classroom using the internet. This online classroom provides live video feed of the coach and students. Students can listen to the coach through the audio of their computers and can talk to the coach using microphone or chat. It also has a whiteboard where coach can write anything to explain the topic better. It also has screen sharing capabilities for better interactions and sharing. The training conducted using this setup and environment is called Online Live Classroom training.In short, Online Live classroom is virtually similar to a physical classroom, just that it is available on computer using the internet.

No. We believe that making all content available instantly will distract you from the goal. We provide drip content which is released based either on time or on module completion in a timely manner to help study better and spend enough time on each module.

Both. This program contains more than 50 pre-recorded videos according to the topic of study. These videos can be watched multiple times by the students as required. Pre-recorded videos are prepared by industry experts who are well known in the domain of digital marketing, product management and have experience working in senior management of many organizations.Also, this program provides 8 online live classroom sessions. Each session is up to a maximum of 1 hour. These sessions are conducted in a timely manner by an expert coach who covers variety of examples, case studies, interview techniques, marketing examples and clarifies all doubts and answers all questions of the students.

CareerPlot is integrated with a very well known payment gateway, Razorpay. You can make payment using any credit card, debit card, netbanking, mobile wallets etc.If you would like to pay by cheque or want to make direct bank transfer, please contact support@careerplot.com and our support executives will be able to guide you appropriately.

A computer with a browser like Google Chrome and a decent internet connection (broadband preferred). That’s it.You need to have a computer ( a desktop or a laptop) for best experience. Careerplot works on mobile and tablets but as this is educational program, we’ll suggest the use of desktop or laptop computer for long hours of study.Apart from computer, you should have reliable internet connection with medium speed so that you are able to view videos without delays. Careerplot website works on all browsers. Please use Google Chrome for best experience.

Following is the minimum selection criteria for dedicated placement assistance from Careerplot placement officers:

    • Minimum of 60% marks in 10th class, 12th class and Graduation. For waiver, please write to support@careerplot.com
    • Minimum of aggregate 85% marks in Careerplot assignments, tests and final exam
    • Minimum of 85% marks or Grade A in all mock interviews
    • Students who’ll have relevant work experience or have anything extra-ordinary to showcase in their profiles
    • Careerplot reserves the right to provide placement services. Every student is different and hence, Careerplot can change its decisions based on other industry factors either to waive off limitations or add any new limitations

Guaranteed placements are provided by Careerplot for super high performing students. Careerplot identifies these students while they are enrolled in the program. During consultations, mock interviews and assignment reviews, Careerplot experts identify these students for direct placements even before the completion of the program.

Eligibility for guaranteed placements is determined by Careerplot team on individual case basis. and no student can either apply or pay his way through. It is a program for high achievers to reward them at the earliest.

Every student selected under the guaranteed placement program will get his/her program fee refunded up to 100% of the course fee if not provided with placements with in 6 months.

Tip : Study hard and make sure you take this program seriously and complete all assignments with high integrity and timeliness and with a lot of creative and analytical skills demonstrated. Doing your best will increase your chance to get identified.

Not Only placements, Careerplot can provide free or paid internship opportunities. Internships also can open up gates for many candidates to get full time permanent job offer. CareerPlot tries its best to get you the best of the offers with higher salaries if possible.

Our open job board is open to all Careerplot students. Students can find jobs and apply on their own too for the whole duration of the program.

In case, if you are eligible for placement assistance and Careerplot is unable to provide you placement with in 6 months after finish date of the program, we’ll refund up to 100% of the program fee or we’ll extend the placement service for 3 more months, whatever is more suitable to the candidates. The refund will be given only if the student is unemployed during the complete duration of the program and has not refused any job offer provided either by Careerplot or any companies suggested by placement officers.

Yes. You can cancel your enrolment with in first 7 days of the start of the program. After the 7 day period is over, no refund claims are accepted by Careerplot. If any refund claim is submitted with in first 7 days of the start of the program, 100% refund is given without any questions asked.

Careerplot has “No Questions Asked” policy for any refund claims.

In case, you are not able to complete the course in the specified duration, a one time 30 day extension may be provided with prior approval of the coach. This extension will be provided for free. But beyond this, no more extensions will be given under any circumstances. Please note that this is a subscription based course and the duration of the subscription cannot be extended indefinitely. In case, even after extension, you are not able to finish the course, the course subscription will expire automatically and you’ll not be able to access the course.

Careerplot has “No Questions Asked” policy for any refund claims.

For any questions regarding the program, whether you are a student or want to join, just drop an email to support@careerplot.com . Please do mention you name, phone number and questions in detail if possible so that we can get back to you at the earliest with best possible answers.

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