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Wednesday, 7th December 2016, 9:00 PM India Time.
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Product Management - Understanding Product Management and Technology Lifecycle

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Amit Goel - Founder & CEO , Careerplot

Amit Goel
Founder & CEO, Careerplot

Amit has worked extensively in technology domain for more than 16 years. He is an entrepreneur who has ventured into education sector with a belief that education should be made available to all with in an affordable price range. In the past, he has worked as VP & Head of Product, with Knowlarity (valued at $100 million funded by Sequoia & Mayfield). Before this, Amit also founded a company in media technology space called Patterbuzz. Amit has also worked as an intrapreneur for more than 8 years with NDS-CISCO where he was instrumental in taking ideas to products in the domain of cloud television, pay TV, contextual advertising, web based EPGs and digital publishing.

His Detailed Profile on LinkedIn :

So, Either you are a product manager or you are an aspiring product manager. You may be a good digital marketing professional. but until you know how innovation takes place or how products are evolved and managed, you knowledge will be half baked.

In this FREE and Open Lecture Series , We’ll talk about technology adoption life cycle and how products evolve. How companies can strategise to develop new line of products ? We’ll also discuss the product life cycle and how it impacts the markets and customers.

We’ll use examples from Indian Product companies and use relevant customer examples to make it clear.

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